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The BandAid Strip Ministry

   Life Crisis Management Skills
   Self-help therapy courses


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The BandAid Strip
is a healing and teaching ministry
of hope, healing and new beginnings.

It specialises in the teaching of
Life Crisis Management Skills
or Life Skills ...

every day skills on how to
survive life spectacularly!

It is a unique and affordable
self-upliftment experience
through the development of
powerful and practical
life survival skills.

The BandAid Strip's mission is
to help people cope with
personal problems, trauma,
emotional pain and loss,
while teaching people:

HOW TO deal with life
more effectively by detoxing
and managing the past in order
to transform the present
into an empowering
and healthy future ...

A toolbox
of life survival lessons,
practical guidelines, tips
and secrets, support,
motivation, inspiration on
HOW TO heal, change, restore,
uplift and improve your life!

The BandAid Strip offers:

Affordable and confidential
personal therapy/coaching consultations.

Anonymous, affordable,
confidential, convenient,

it is quick, easy and fun, self-help,
step-by-step guidelines and work-assignments with powerful self-discovery results that can change
YOU and YOUR LIFE forever. 
It is popular, effective,
confidential, affordable and
convenient - at your own pace,
in your own space and just
an email away!
Day courses available for
groups with powerful self-
discovery results and practical
life management skills.  Easy
step-by-step guidance on HOW TO
take your life into a whole
new dimension.
FREE deliverance and
healing/ teaching sessions
available for churches.

Affordable, effective and popular
life coaching/therapy sessions
for young people available
for schools.

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Some people dream of catching stars
to glean from them some light,
but I would like to shape a star
and send it whirling into flight.

The product of my passion's fire
to mold it with my naked hands,
and feel the searing pain of flesh
as my star grows bold and grand.

If then I offer it to God,
I'll fling it with all my might
and gasp as it, a piece of me,
assumes its place in the
heavenly night.
Hi there, and welcome!

Thanks for popping in.

I was just reading this:

"AND THE DEVIL SAYS:  I cause people to allow me to do their thinking for them, because they are too lazy and too indifferent to think for themselves. 
Laziness + Indifference = Procrastination = Drifting.

Those who do little or no thinking for themselves, and never question anything, are drifters. A drifter is one who permits himself to be influenced and controlled by circumstances, not beyond his control, but outside of his own mind.

However, those who control and use their own minds, escape my web.

Furthermore, the time people spend in fearing something, would, if reversed, give them all they want in the material world and save them from me after death!"

It's from Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill.

Interesting, isn't it?

Anyway ...

Life is great, don't you think?

One blissful joyride of happiness and abundance -  the never-ending fun, joy, love, health, peace, success and all the rest of the good stuff that is our birth right after all.

Yeah, right!

But what if YOUR life isn’t such a delightful journey?  Is it because you did not follow the media’s misleading guidelines for success correctly or were you just too lazy to do something awesomely spectacular with your life?

In that case I am guilty too, because I often wondered why my life felt like I was a willing hostage on a burning witch’s broomstick from hell ... from the one disaster to the next, with regular calamities and tragedies just to keep things spiced up.

According to the self-help books out there, apparently all you need to quick-fix your hick-upped life, is a goal or a dream.  And don’t forget to re-evaluate your values and beliefs while your life is falling apart, and pleeeeeeeze forget about the past because, according to the success gurus, the past does not equal the future.

Really?  How can you have a future without a past?  I mean tomorrow will eventually become yesterday, won’t it?  And you’ll need today to make tomorrow yesterday, don’t you? 

Anyway, apparently some highly intellectual brainwashing mantras, written on sticky-notes, posted all over your life and toilet, saying:  I am great.  I am a winner ... will also help to miraculously fix your life by helping you get over yourself much quicker and whatever you are constantly moaning and groaning about.  (Oh, and the sticky notes can come in real  handy when you run out of toilet paper).

The snag is:  The more self-help books you devour, the bigger dud and failure you may feel.  The more motivational info you collect, the more confused (or dumber) you can become.  The harder you try to follow the psychological spaghetti-loops of research, the easier you can become lost in your own misery, pain and desperation to the point where you want to scre-e-e-e-eam:


The answer? 


There is absolutely nothing wrong with you.  On the contrary ... welcome to the REAL world!

Want to know WHY I know what I know and do what I do?   It's because I battled, survived and conquered all the major traumas in life ... and then some! 

I remember distinctly that, after my only grandchild’s lost battle with cancer at the tender age of four, I knew either something evil was out to destroy me for whatever reason or somebody hijacked my spaceship.  I did not deserve all these hardships, never-ending onslaughts, misery, pain and sorrow.  HE.TE wanted to go home!

Although fully qualified and experienced, I couldn’t find the answers or solutions to this painful and crazy world ... until the day I found an old diary with a reminder of the following personal prophetic word from God:

        “I (God) have brought you through many trials and many fires of adversity, and I have built a reservoir of knowledge and wisdom within you that must be preserved, released and distributed in the days ahead to those who need to know what you have known and experienced.
         Your testimony will encourage others to persevere and trust Me to the end because they can see for themselves that you have come through much tribulation into victory, says the Lord.”

And then it all made sense and I gladly picked up my cross to follow the calling.

BUT, to be able to survive life, I needed to learn valuable secrets and lessons, and the first very important lesson in survival I needed to learn was the TRUTH, meaning that LIFE was never meant to be a smooth and perfect joyride. 

You need to know that, understand that and accept that as the truth because, then and only then, will you be able to see the lies and deceit beyond the illusion of a perfect smooth-sailing world of success, money, glitz and glamour which shows YOU off as a mediocre failure and even a reject - resulting into a well-earned poor-me victim mentality.

God NEVER promised a blissful journey because LIFE was designed to FORCE us to become the best we can be by purifying us like gold - as this world, and everything in and about it, belongs to Satan and our job is to fight his lies, deceit and attacks in this life to eventually inherit the BEST!  In the process we get to become powerful fighters, winners, conquerors and overcomers = warriors!   (And don’t panic, you never fight alone).

Remember:  this is war! God has a Kingdom and God has an army.  Satan has a kingdom and Satan has an army.  And you get to choose.  You either accept the truth and set yourself free from deceit and illusion to start the most exhilarating adventure of your life called YOUR LIFE, OR you give up and get out of the way which, by the way, will not exempt you from participating in this LIFE game with all its hardships until the day you die. 

Think about it, and then choose carefully.

Fact is:  Life is actually an extreme sport where we never receive warnings before it strikes - leaving us time and again feeling confused, powerless and overwhelmed.  Sometimes the attacks can be so brutal and with such toxic intensity that it forces us to doubt ourselves, our very existence, our faith, the meaning of life and death, all that we stand for and everything in between.  Often it would feel as if nothing is left untouched, unspoiled, undamaged or unchanged.

Yet, that doesn’t mean life is all bad.  No, as a matter of fact, if you get to know the secrets and the recipe to true happiness, fulfilment and success, you can become so bold and powerful that no hurdle, setback or obstacle can prevent you from achieving your heart’s desires.  But we’ll get to that part a bit later on ...

Die tweede grootste oorlewingsles wat die lewe my geleer het /  BLADSY 2